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List of all situation descriptions in reverse numerical order

Sit-82 Not in use
Sit-81 Treatment of Martin Kragh in some of our newspapers
Sit-80 Treatment of returning IS fighters
Sit-79 The internal conflict in the Social Democratic party in Gothenburg
Sit-78 Presence of the veil in advertisements for sports activities
Sit-77 An incident with a ticket controller in the Stockholm subway
Sit-76 Threats against editor-in-chief and journalists at 'Gefle Dagblad'
Sit-75 An appeal for defense of the idea of Europe
Sit-74 Masoud Kamali's conflict with the Middle-Sweden University
Sit-73 Immigration rules for close-family relatives
Sit-72 Governance principles and the developments in Venezuela
Sit-71 The appointment of Amanda Lind as Minister of Culture, and her actions
Sit-70 The MEP Soraya Post
Sit-69 Dalai Lama's statements about Europe and the Europeans
Sit-68 The question of refugee children and youth that arrive without a guardian
Sit-67 The murder of two Scandinavian tourists in Morocco, and the press coverage of this
Sit-66 Jordan B. Peterson
Sit-65 Brexit
Sit-64 The legal proceedings against Arnault and Frostensson
Sit-63 Demands for a World Government or s dictatorship in order to save the climate
Sit-62 Ratification of the United Nations framework for migration
Sit-61 The Greta Thunberg phenomenon
Sit-60 Steve Bannon's initiative for cooperation between extreme-right parties in Europe
Sit-59 The actions of the right and center-right parties in the formation of the new government
Sit-58 Debate about sexuality in the Arab Muslim world
Sit-57 Controversy with a group within the SSU in Malmö
Sit-56 Leila Ali Elmis success in the parliament election
Sit-55 The murder of Jamal Khashoggi
Sit-54 Actions by the TCO and SACO labour unions in the formation of the new government
Sit-53 Politics or fundamental values in the actions of civil servants
Sit-52 Rejection of comparisons between the 1930's and the contemporary situation
Sit-51 Donald Trump's speech in the UN, and its newspaper coverage
Sit-50 The influence of political agendas on university activities
Sit-49 Jimmy Åkesson's statement about unemployment for non-Swedes
Sit-48 Immigrants and sex crimes
Sit-47 Elin Erssons actions for preventing an expulsion to Afghanistan
Sit-46 The law on senior high school admission for refugee youth
Sit-45 The 'ghetto' legislation in Denmark
Sit-44 Durmaz
Sit-43 Ringing och churchbells in the Visby cathedral for the purpose of disturbing a meeting
Sit-42 The Sweden Democrat's participation in the work of the Parliament
Sit-41 The Court's treatment of the case of Tommy Robinson
Sit-40 Investigations of the recent terror attack in Stockholm
Sit-39 Requests for amendments in the Quran
Sit-38 Discussion about Muslim prayer calls
Sit-37 The performance 'Burka songs 2' and Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Sit-36 Solna district court's decision in a manhandling case
Sit-35 Ethnicity, crime and a change of the constitution
Sit-34 The meeting where Jimmie Åkesson addressed the Heimdal student society in Uppsala
Sit-33 The Nation's Interest versus Human Rights. The case of Israel
Sit-32 Antisemitic actions in Malmö and Gothenburg
Sit-31 Decisions about government grant for the 'Swedish Young Muslims' organization
Sit-30 Islamic extremism in performances at the Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm
Sit-29 Vikings, Islam, and the politicization of research results
Sit-28 Discussion about peace and quiet in public libraries
Sit-27 Drama performance where Alice Teodorescu is shown as a vampire
Sit-26 Crowd violence at the G20 meeting in Hamburg
Sit-25 Artwork depicting a broken flagpole with a Swedish flag
Sit-24 Sylvi Listhaug's visit in Stockholm and Rinkeby
Sit-23 Sit-down demonstration by Afghan refugees and refugee children
Sit-22 Police action against paperless families at a camp organized by the Church of Sweden
Sit-21 Islamistic school in Gothenburg wants to create a branch in Borås
Sit-20 Maltreatment of refugee boys that have arrived alone
Sit-16 The story of Rahab in the Old Testament, and views on this story
Sit-15 Harassment of young women in the park Kungsträdgården, and subsequent debate
Sit-14 Katerina Janouch's appearance in Czech television
Sit-13 The journal 'Nya Tider' (extreme right) at the 2016 national Book Fair
Sit-12 Media storm against the Environmental Party and Mehmet Kaplan, and others
Sit-11 Statement by Ingrid Lemfors that Sweden does not have an indigenious culture
Sit-10 Speech by Margot Wallström about Saudi Arabia
Sit-09 Resistance against Amineh Kakabaveh in media and in the Left party
Sit-08 Alice Bah Kuhnke about actions against returning IS warriors
Sit-07 Milo Yiannopoulos' speech at Berkeley
Sit-06 Annika Strandhäll's thoughts about voting rights for men
Sit-05 Grand Hotel in Stockholm booked a meeting organized by the Swedish Democrats party
Sit-04 Cecilia Hagen, statement about 'human brown rats'
Sit-03 Björn Söder, speech about the status of minorities in Sweden
Sit-02 Julian Assange, rape charges
Sit-01 Mosa Sayed, thesis defense concerning muslim inheritance rules